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Dating Confidence is Important

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Dating Confidence is Important!

Confidence with dating is clearly an important element in finding the right partner. While it may endearing to encounter someone who is shy, it is not such fun for the shy person, who no doubt strongly wishes he or she had more self confidence.

For this reason we present today an article by a guest author which outlines a simple method to improve your dating confidence, and in fact your self confidence in general. If you want to achieve self confidence with women or men then it is well worth setting aside a little time to try the simple technique outlined in the article below.

Become Your Own Mirror – Rebuild Your Confidence
By Joanna Lindenbaum

Let’s say Geena is your friend of many years. She is a smart, creative, go-getter and beautiful to top it off – a source of admiration for many. Yet still, she confides in you, whenever she lands a major success like getting published in a popular publication or being accepted into a competitive position, she has this creeping sense of being a fraud, as if she does not deserve it, brushing it all off with “oh, it’s really nothing.”

You can hardly believe it when she expresses feelings of insecurity to you despite her many positive qualities. When it comes to her own personal life goals and dreams, you are surprised that she expresses a deep lack of confidence in pursuing them.

Do you know anyone like this?

Even though Geena may seem like an extreme example, the truth is many women come to me for coaching because they notice that despite their past successes and their many amazing qualities, they just don’t have the confidence they need in order to move forward with their soul-centered projects and goals.

Like Geena, these women are very talented, intelligent and sensitive but, for some reason, they still harbor a deep-seated feeling of inadequacy. In other words, they lack confidence. Oftentimes they feel like they are frauds at their work and in their personal lives, and are somehow essentially unable to achieve, or undeserving of the type of job or lifestyle they truly desire.

How does this happen?

Women like Geena create “failure stories” about themselves and their abilities based on both external circumstances in their lives and what they perceive other people think of them. These failure stories become strongly activated when they hit challenges or disappointments in their life. For example: if a client happens to leave them, if they don’t land the job they really want, if their partner breaks up with them, if they gain five pounds, or, simply, if they don’t feel they are living up to the standards they have set for themselves.

When you lack confidence, it affects you in many ways. It can affect your decision making skills, the types of jobs you believe you deserve and then apply for, the salary you ask for, your relationships, and even how you treat your body.

When I work with women, we very often find that their lack of confidence stems from early life experiences where they were not given the proper feedback in order to objectively see themselves. Usually influential people like parents, teachers, older siblings and mentors serve as mirrors for us in our early years, they show us what we should think of ourselves.

Confidence issues can arise from having been told by an influential person that you were just not capable of, or allowed to do, certain things. Conversely, confidence issues can be produced by having been constantly fed positive, yet too general statements, like that you were simply “good at everything.”

When you are not given accurate mirrors and reflections to help you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, it becomes very difficult for you to assess yourself and thereby have confidence in your actual capabilities and talents. It is essential to have a strong objective sense of self in order for you to be happy and to have confidence in your ability to create a life that is aligned for you… and it is very possible to cultivate this sense of self, no matter what your previous experiences have been!

To help you with this mighty, yet rewarding, task, I would like to present you with an easy process that will help you begin to assess your own strengths and weaknesses.

1) Create a list of your strengths, talents, positive qualities, and “wins”: It is essential for you to get clear on what you are good at and what your gifts are. This list can include anything from “great at book-keeping” to “intuitive” to “great at communicating with others” to “extensive knowledge of X, Y, or Z” to “organizing a major conference with 500 attendees.”

2) Create a list of the areas in your life – inner or outer – that you sense you would like to improve: Getting clear on this is just as important as getting clear on your strengths because it allows you let go of your failure stories and focus on amping up the areas that you sense would really be beneficial to you. This list can include anything from “becoming more organized” to “strengthening my core muscles” to “becoming more informed about X, Y, or Z” to “expressing my anger appropriately.”

3) Create a list of your “weaker” areas that you are willing to accept: This is key. There is no single person that I know that is good and fully developed at EVERYTHING. It’s simply not possible. However, I find that quite often folks beat themselves up for not being good at everything, thus adding more evidence and strength to their failure story. Get clear on the things that you may not have a natural strength for, and that don’t really matter to you anyway. For example, I will most likely never be a super-star athlete, and that is ok with me. My health and care for my body are important to me, but excelling at team sports is not a priority in my life.

Once you create these lists, you will be able to objectively and powerfully assess yourself and your capabilities, providing you with an opportunity to let go of your failure story and create a new and real picture based on the sacred, incredible person that you are.

Joanna Lindenbaum, M.A., has 12 years of teaching and coaching experience. Her coaching invites women to think bigger, to embrace their power, to create more compelling and exciting goals for themselves, to become leaders, to connect to their intuition, to open their hearts, and to make it a practice of remembering how special and important they are. Her coaching philosophy centers on a deep respect for the inner wisdom that each woman holds inside of herself. By activating this inner wisdom, Joanna helps her clients achieve extraordinary success in business, career, and life. Sign up for Joanna’s complimentary “How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Obstacles to Success” at

Article Source:—Rebuild-Your-Confidence&id=4612256

All you have to do now is apply these techniques to dating and your relationships with others. By doing so you will improve your dating confidence and so avoid feelings of inadequacy.

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Canadian Penpals in Canada

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Canadian Penpals For You!

From this web site it is possible to easily find a penpal hailing from Canada for a friendly relationship and in some cases a more serious relationship. Have a look into our Canadian penpals users profiles without any more ado through the panel on the right of this page…

This lookup you execute across on the right side of this web page can give all of the picture profiles of single Canadian penpals available at one time. If you are seeking a penpal then surely you will find someone amongst those in the listing.

Think about Canada, about the excitement and vast open areas in that pioneer country, the backwoods and the freedom to express oneself. . . How wonderful to search out a penpal living in Canada! At this very moment you can do this for yourself through the use of the panel on the right-side of this page. It’s seriously super-easy, all you need to do is select from a small number of options then click the button. Just a few moments as of this time and you’ll find the pages from Canadian girls or else guys searching for penpals — the real individuals that you’re seeking out!

Listed here are a number of helpful points related to Canadian Penpals and how to relate to them.

The particular phrase ‘Canadian pen pals’ may possibly within a few situations be used to stand on behalf of ‘Canadian dating’. Nevertheless, being a phrase, ‘Canadian penpal’ carries an easier, to some extent extra warm feel to it. It may also reveal the goal of the searching individual using this particular term. In using the idea in this way, any man or woman that seeks to get Canadian penpals could be often taking an increased reserved tack — when compared with those searching for Canadian dating, that is — hence looking only for Canadian acquaintances in the beginning, possibly considering the idea that among their new Canadian contacts may be a special one who after all end up as an online dating partner.

French is of course one official language in Canada, therefore it could possibly be attainable to find Canadian penpals among people who converse in French, if you have the interest in finding a French-speaking penpal.

Lastly, a stereotype we attach to Canada in some places in the United States in particular might be that Canada is a place of endless snow along with unpopulated backwoods — yet this belies the actuality of the case. While there are of course vast areas of natural wilderness in Canada, a whole lot of the country has an infinitely more moderate temperature, while the actual Canadian metropolitan areas are refined, high-tech spots populated with technologies-experienced execs and the like. So beware falling for the stereotype when you are searching for or talking to your new Canadian penpal.

About this Canadian penpals web page at

This site has been and is an associate of, which has a huge client base of single females in addition to single males located in Canada. These are people searching for a friendly relationship or even for someone to go out with. Purchasing services or products through this Canadian penpals page may result in commissions for — so helping to support this site. However, we endorse no services or products: do your own due-diligence. Please read our terms and conditions.

Every bit of info in this ‘Canadian penpals’ site is believed accurate at the time at its publication, but subsequently some information may become out of date.

Looking For Pen Pals: Military

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Pen Pals: Military, Questions and Answers

There is a page over at that falls into the Pen Pals: Military category that I forgot to mention in my last post about that site: Military Penpals.

The page in question is Pen Pals: Military Q and A, in which the author looks at answering the question “I am looking for a pen pal in the military” by using a question and answer format.

The page concerned looks at a number of questions of interest to those seeking military pen pals, mostly centered around the military pen pals site, Military Pen Pal .net pen pals. One question posed is: “I am looking for a pen pal in the military but why should I pay to join a site?”

The answer explains that you can join Military Pen Pal .net for free, and it goes on to outline what you can do as a free member, which is actually pretty good when compared to many pen pals and dating sites.

military penpalYou can go to view the military penpals photo profiles at! right away by clicking Here.

The page goes on to explain that all important data stored at Military Pen Pal .net is stored securely, so that you can rest assured that your private data is safe.

Reminder: don’t forget that to find pen pals of a military kind it is little use going to, but you should instead visit Military Pen Pal .net.

Please bookmark this looking for pen pals in the military post at — if you are seeing this posting at a different site then you’re viewing an illegal copy, so navigate directly to for the genuine post and real resources!

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Military Penpals Sites

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Military Penpals Sites online – Military Pen Pals and Military Dating Sites
At, the Dating Penpals site

I’ve just been reading a very good page about Military penpals over at Military Pen Pals and I’d like to go over some of the points made there by the author, Vince Appleby.

First, and as an aside, let me point out that it would not be very effective to search for military penpals — ‘military pen pals’, if you prefer it with the space in the term ‘pen pals’ — by using the search panel on the right of this article, here at, whether it is military dating or just penfriends you are seeking. This is because the search panel is directed towards, which contains all kinds of penpals and dating. If it is specifically military penpals you are looking for then InternationalPenPal recommend Military Pen Pal .net as their preferred site to search for a military pen pal and as their best military dating site.

military penpalCan’t wait to view the military penpals profiles? Go now and view your prospective dates at!

Getting back to the points raised at Military Pen Pals then Vince Appleby makes the important point that military penpals, whether they be army penpals, navy penpals, airforce penpals or any other kind of forces penpals, deserve our gratitude and respect because of the important job they are doing keeping us safe here at home.

Appleby goes on to explain that military pen pals may place greater emphasis on their role as pen pals than other people might who were not doing such a job — because of the need to get news from home, as well as to relieve the occasional periods of boredom and homesickness no doubt experienced when serving overseas. So bear in mind that if you become a forces penfriend, whether for dating or friendship, part of your role is inevitably going to be providing news and views from home.

Appleby also discusses the fact that military penpals may one day become military dating partners, or spouses, and that this is sometimes the way in which such relationships develop. The latter points are taken up at in other military pen pal pages, such as at Army Pen Pals which takes a look at some specific aspects of being an army pen pal and what you need to be aware of if you are going to email army pen pals as your chosen group within the wider context of military pen pals.

So, you have to go in with your eyes open if you are looking at military dating sites — under the name of penfriends or not — as you may end up in a new relationship which draws you in and leaves you no time to think about whether the military lifestyle is for you or not. Once a relationship begins you may not want to end it, even if military dating has its drawbacks for you.

What kinds of drawbacks? There is the moving around and living in other countries, for example. For some this will be a great adventure, for others a lack of putting down roots — it depends upon the kind of person you are. There’s also the worry about the safety of your loved one. I can easily picture “army wives” at home worrying about their military men pen pals (aka husbands) who are in war zones. Counter to this is the strong sense of community military families experience.

Returning to Appleby’s article — which has inspired this piece — there are other pages at his site too about military penpals, such as Military Pen Pals Lists, dealing with accessing lists of military pen pals; as well as US Military Pen Pals, presumably for those looking for military penpals and military dating sites from the US as opposed to other countries such as the UK, where military pen pals are also sought after.

My point is that there’s lots more information available at the links mentioned above, so it’s better to be informed up front rather than get into something you have doubts about later, if you are the kind of person who would not be suited to military dating, though many are.

So there you have it, the pages described above are good places to find and email military penpals online. Don’t forget also, that if you want to access forces penpals outside the recommendations above, there is no point in going to PenPalsPlanet but you will have to go directly to Military Pen Pal .net pen pals for Free Military Pen Pals.

More Military Penpals Sites/ Military Dating Sites

UK and Military Pen Pals
Odd little site offering some stuff about military pen pals, some useful links, etc.

Join for Free
A page where you can join for free and access thousands of pen pals in the armed forces for friendship or dating.

Pen pals can give hope to Guantánamo prisoners
Guardian newspaper report about military prisoners at Guantánamo as pen pals.

About Military Pen Pals
Ehow ‘Family’ page warning that you should not air your political views when emailing soldiers or other armed forces pen pals.

Military Pen Pals
Topics, questions and answers related to military penpals and military dating sites at, the question and answers place.

Military penpals – Sample of Forum
A sample of military pen pals from the forum at

Military Penpals
A Facebook page about military penpals. A bit mixed, as some Facebook pages are…

An inspiring video about penfriends/ military dating sites:

military penpalCan’t wait to view the military penpals profiles?
Go now and view your prospective dates

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PenPals: Female or Male as Friends or Dating

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Penpals: Female/ Male – As Friends Or For Dating

As with all relationships, penpals, whether female or male, can alleviate the proplem of loneliness. So many people in the world suffer from loneliness — consider the line from the Beatles song “All the lonely people, where do they all come from?”

Pen pals then, online or offline, female or male, can be part of a solution to loneliness. The Internet is really just another communication medium, but one that enables you to find and make contact with people you do not yet know; people anywhere in the world can become your penpals.

Below we have a guest author’s article on loneliness that gives penpals as one possible solution:

Do You Want Immediate Help For Your Loneliness?
By Ramesh M.

Some people jump at the chance to do something about their loneliness as soon as they see the opportunity. However, you may not be that way. You might prefer to take considered action. That is O.K. Just as long as you take action.

Most of the actions you can take to overcome your loneliness involve actions on the internet. There have been considerable changes over the past ten years and now there is a large variety of opportunities to make friends over the web. In most cases, as long as you don’t give out your real name, home address and phone number, and don’t meet in person, it can be safer than the friendships you make in the physical world.

Here are a few methods:

Method 1: Find a pen pal by searching for the words “Pen Pal” in your favorite search engine. You will find a lot of websites that allow you to find pen pals of the kind that you would like to find. If you have trouble making friends in person, this is a good way to get started. Staying in touch with pen pals via email is much easier than using the postal service – no money is spent on postage. Search for the words “temporary emails” in a search engine and you can find a website that will show you how to set up temporary email addresses for yourself. Set up a new temporary email address for yourself and use that email address when searching for a penpal. When you are ready to search for another penpal, set up another temporary email address for yourself and use it to search for a pen pal. If, for some reason, you do not wish to continue communicating with a particular pen pal, you can control the incoming emails from that pen pal via your temporary email address, even deleting that temporary email address if necessary.

Method 2: Search for the words “Forums for lonely people” in your favorite search engine. Please check out each forum you find via this search as a guest before you join it. Always read the questions and answers others have posted and also the terms of service before joining the forum. Don’t join forums where members are rude or abusive toward each other or you dislike the attitude of some members. Always safeguard your private information when you join the forums. Once you find a forum to your liking, it can provide a valuable reprieve from loneliness. You can use temporary email addresses to join the forums of your choice. In fact, it is a good idea to use temporary email addresses whenever possible.

Penpals: female or male – article continued below:

Method 3: Join a chat program that provides audio and video interaction and is along the lines of kinda romantic or kinda flirting. A good website to get immediate help for your loneliness would be The interaction between members can be lighthearted but you have to know your boundaries, stay within them and never give out your private information. If someone insults you, use the incident to learn how to deal with such side effects of social interaction. There are chat programs that provide no audio and video capabilities that can also help relieve your loneliness. You would have to search for “chat programs for lonely people” in the search engine of your choice. Here too, you can use temporary email addresses at the chat programs of your choice.

It may be a good idea to safely practice your social skills by acquiring friends over the internet and then using those social skills to make friends in the real world.

Loneliness is the hidden taboo. Most people don’t like to talk about it or acknowledge it. When confronted with it their response is inadequate action. Therefore it is up to the lonely person to free himself or herself. However, most lonely people are very reluctant to take the actions needed to free themselves from loneliness. How to take such actions is the focus of

Article Source:

View the Pen Pals profiles by using the profiles search top right of this page: see who’s out there waiting for you, male or female, at home or overseas..

Read our article on free female penpals: Female Pen Pals – Free.

This PenPals: Female or Male page is copyright (c) Pen Pals .be 2009 – 2011