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How to Attract Women Tips

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How to Attract Women Tips

So, how do you make yourself more attractive to women? There are lots of ways to achieve this of course, but today we have an article from a guest author that looks at some simple but useful ways to attract women.

The author of today’s how to attract women tips article begins by making the point that female attraction is not logical, but based on feelings and emotions. Of course this is true of ALL attraction, whether male or female. Human attraction is illogical, period.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s today’s article on how to attract women. Body language plays a large part, as you will see.

Female Attraction Tips – 3 Tips to Make Yourself MORE Attractive to a Woman
By Chris Tyler

When you first start trying to figure out female attraction, most of your observations will probably make you start to question just what it is that attracts a woman. Really, you will start to wonder how you can make yourself more attractive to a woman. Well, there are some tricks that you can hide up your sleeve and make yourself a LOT more appealing to any female that you want.

Female attraction is going to confuse most guys at first BECAUSE it is not LOGICAL. A woman does not run through any kind of a mental checklist and then decide whether or not she is going to let herself become attracted to a man. All she really knows is that she just is.

Hang around some women some time, and you will see that many women end up falling for guys that they know they should not. And yet, it just seems to happen. So, don’t focus on making logical decisions to try and attract women. Learn how to make it just kind of happen instead.

Here are 3 female attraction tips to make yourself more attractive to a woman:

1. Create your own style and project that style when you are out looking to meet a woman.

One of the things that really gets women to notice you is when you *don’t* look like every single guy that is out there. Kind of like if you live in an area where everyone drives Hondas and you drive a Nissan, you immediately will get attention, and not get lost in the crowd. People tend to zone out other people when they all start to look the same. If you go into most clubs or bars, you will usually see that most of the guys all pretty much have the same style. Have your own, and you WILL get noticed.

2. Body language is something that you have to pay attention to.

Now, this goes both ways. You have to make sure that your body language gives off the kind of impression that you want women to have of you, and also, you want to look at what HER body language is saying to you. A lot of rejection that men get is because of both their body language giving out the wrong vibe, AND, them not knowing how to read a woman’s body language. You get a much better feel of how to approach a woman if you can read what her body language is giving away.

3. There has to be chemistry with a woman.

Ask any woman why they don’t want to date a guy that seems to be perfect for them, and they will mention that they just don’t FEEL that way about him. What a woman really means is that there is no chemistry there. To make a woman feel attraction, you have to know how to create chemistry with her, and you have to know how to make her feel like that chemistry is not something to ignore.

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Online dating tips for men: how to have dating confidence with women.
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Online Dating Tips For Men

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Online Dating Tips For Men

Today we have an article from a guest author on the perrenial subject of online dating tips For men. There are always new guys joining dating sites, and as always they want the best dating tips so that they can more quickly find the right person for them.

As ever, here at we try to provide the best dating tips for men and women, so please read on to learn more. Alternatively, if you want to go directly to the women’s photo profiles then use the panel on the right of this page.

In fact, now that I think about it, using that panel could just be the best dating tip for men that I could provide today! Whatever the case, here is the online dating tips for men article:

Dating Tips For Single Guys – Never Forget This When Using Free Online Dating Sites
By Robert Johnsson

Free online dating is a great and easy way to meet lots of singles. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or just looking for friendship, you can find all this and more in online dating. There are many ways to increase your chances of getting a date. Your main aim should be to impress and show that you can be fun, classy, and a positive person to be with. Women like men who are confident in themselves and their abilities. Avoid putting yourself in a position where you look desperate, as this is very unattractive to women.

Firstly, you should search for a free online dating site that has a good number of up to date personal ads. Some have many extra features that you can use to help in your pursuit of a date. However, at the end of the day, you should focus more on what you can deliver by yourself. Women like men that know how to chat them up and that are intriguing. Making a woman have an interest in you and what you do is an important step in the online dating game.

Your profile should provide enough information to make you look interesting without giving too much away. You want to have people asking you more about you and what you do. It is this interest to know more that will attract women to you. Keep your personal add positive and avoid using negative comments in your profile.

When sending a message to a personal add, be polite and do not write in all capital letters as this is construed as shouting. While it may be common with friends to occasionally use swear words, it is not recommended when communicating with someone you are trying to date. People who use bad or vulgar language tend to come out looking very uneducated, so be on your best behavior and be courteous. Do not be over polite as you may come across as faking it.

Be sincere in whatever you say. There is no point in making yourself into something that you are not. You want people to be attracted to you for what you really are. It makes it much easier for you to communicate and feel more comfortable when telling the truth about whom you are and what you do. Women will feel more attracted to you if they feel safe and that they can trust you.

Some free online dating sites provide group events for singles to get together, such as adult singles camps and cruises. To find out which online dating service we recommend for these types of events, click here

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