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Love And Being A Senior

Posted in senior dating on May 24th, 2010 by Jonathan Safen – 1 Comment Tags: , , , ,

Senior Singles Romance

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There are two stereotypical myths about single seniors that our guest author wishes to blow out of the water in today’s senior dating article. Be honest when you read the article, haven’t you at some time thought these very same things?

Whatever the case our guest author’s purpose in his or her article about senior singles dating is to show that nothing much changes when you get older, you still need romance and dating whatever your age.

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Love and Being a Senior
By Jonathan Safen

Whenever you watch television or the movies, you would arrive at the conclusion that romance is just the thing of these in their teens or 20s. As if somehow the moment somebody reaches full adulthood, even less senior citizen age, the concept of a relationship is completely impossible. This may be more a function of the fact that more persons in those age groups go to the theatre compared to any grounding in truth about romance. However we know for a fact that love in the sunset years not only is quite possible, it could be the sweetest relationship of them all.

Part of the confusion may well lie in a further false impression or “myth” concerning senior citizens that they’re not capable of sexual activity. There are two levels of error in such a belief. The first is the idea that people over 50 tend to be sexually inactive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sexuality is a healthy element of adult life at all stages of our maturity and senior citizens are simply just as capable of such inside their romances as your most randy adolescent, at the same time perhaps being a good deal extra cautious.

The other belief that is good to confront and put to rest is the fact that even when sexuality isn’t part of the mix, senior citizens aren’t passionate people. This belief is without a doubt held by people that really do not spend any quality time with seniors themselves. If anything, the opposite is the truth. If anybody monitored the video rental styles of seniors, they’d see that seniors have a healthy appetite for romantic comedies and also have a healthy desire for affectionate relationships.

Retirement commonly is usually a moment of remarkable rebirth of the idea of love among senior lovers. Married couples who may have seen the romance fizzle in their marriage over the child-raising years normally observe that component of their romantic relationship blossom and turn a lot more special and remarkable than it was when they were dating. Life prior to pension is often full of pressures of raising kids and getting them “launched” along with work and public challenges. This type of thing may take away the psychological as well as mental energy required for love. So when a marriage develops into pension years together, it’s common for seniors to rediscover why they fell in love in the first place and experience a brand new time of love that is exciting and fascinating for both.

However, senior citizens who are single are perfectly capable of searching for romantic situations with others of their own age group. When they have managed their own financial situation nicely, seniors may be well equipped to enjoy an active love life and appreciate passionate evenings together that enhance their lives and keep them upbeat and looking forward to their next romantic experience.

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Online Services Make Senior Singles Dating Fun And Exciting

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Online Senior Singles Dating Services Are Fun

Here’s a guest post that aims to show you how senior dating services online can be a great deal of fun. Read the article, get involved, have fun! Why not check out as a great place for senior singles dating.

Online Senior Singles Services Make Dating Fun!

The saying goes that you are only as old as you feel, and maybe that is why there are so many mature men and women finding new friends and love with senior singles dating. The new millennium has made just about everything we used to do simpler and more exciting, particularly if it involves the internet! The technological advancements made possible with a computer and internet connection have made day to day activities like banking, shopping and even chatting and meeting senior singles online easy and fun to do.

Everybody using online dating services have their own motives why they choose the internet to find that special someone, and elder men and women are no exception. Today almost everyone has a computer at home and it just makes good sense to search senior personals, and online sites for meeting senior singles. For the mature man or woman who is reentering the dating world for a second time, many of them may find it hard or difficult to go though those old fashioned dating rituals and using a senior dating website removes a lot of the face to face dating issues for those who may be a bit shy, or don’t do the typical first date meet up well.

Wealthy senior men and women may want to take advantage of a dating service that performs pre-screening, and handles the match making, so they can feel confident that the individuals they meet are not just doing so for financial interest or other reasons. One of the main motives that so many people including senior men and women use online dating agencies is because of personal concerns and uncertainty, and having a service that can help them make the dating environment more relaxed and relaxing is well worth the service price they pay.

Senior personals are like online social classifieds, there is surely a little for everyone who uses them, from finding new people to chat with online, exploring new and exciting things to do with new friends, even those searching for a romantic connection, and everything in between. Some senior men and women may just start chatting with someone they met, only to find they have become attracted to that new person, making it easier to move forward to a more romantic relationship.

Everyone wants someone to care about, and who on the other hand cares about them, and at times those more normal dating and meeting rituals just don’t work, and that is why even seniors are finding real love and happiness online.

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