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Seven Ideas to Insure Pleasant and Safe Senior Dating

Posted in Dating With Confidence, senior dating on September 1st, 2011 by Gillian N. Sullivan – Be the first to comment Tags: , , ,

Very first dates are frequently uncomfortable, particularly in the arena of older dating. Together with the added awkwardness of perhaps not being in the dating scene for quite some time, several seniors tend to be hesitant to go ahead and take initial step. So what can you do to insure a far more pleasant mature dating experience? Here are 10 recommendations, which will set you on the correct route.

1. On your first date, it is advisable that you drive by yourself. What if you want to end the date early? Driving yourself, you’ll leave yourself this alternative, therefore not really feel caught within a date that just isn’t working. Security, actually an issue, can also be an issue of consideration. Meet up with your date within a public place. Do not disclose where you reside, especially if the date did not go nicely.

2. It is usually better to keep your very first date simple. Complex plans, or trying too hard to impress your date on the very first outing, may cause you to be too anxious. Making the date a simple event will more insure an enjoyable experience for both of you.

3. Women, dress classy however not too sexy. While some older men might adore the provocative look, some will not. Better to make a mistake on the side of caution until you get to know each other better.

4. It is advisable to define the type of relationship you are interested in creating. Should you be looking for a casual companion without any intention of marriage, it’s best to get this out into the open immediately. This will insure that you do not meet somebody that wants a marriage. Honesty is definitely the best plan.

5. E-mail relationships can take on a life of their own. Nonetheless, you can acquire a good sense of the person you are interacting with over these exchanges. Speak freely, however provide sufficient attention to precisely what you divulge and use caution in giving up personal data. Anything economic should be purely off limits.

6. If you work with a mature dating web site suited to seniors, be honest regarding your information. Only publish pictures that are current and always be honest about how old you are.

7. Online mature dating sites may be fun and ought to offer an enjoyable dating experience. They are usually a secure method to meet new people. Take your time and don’t rush straight into a relationship. Let things move as slowly as they have to and you may experience senior dating in a considerably more secure way. Have fun and best of luck. The search for a brand new special friend or potential partner can offer excitement and brand new avenues of hope.

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Finding Love with Someone Older

Posted in Older Dating, senior dating on November 27th, 2010 by Ann Ollie – Be the first to comment Tags: , , , , ,

Welcome to (remember the name!) Today with have a guest article about the sometimes controversial subject of finding love with someone older than yourself. Does it really matter what society thinks? Is it even possible to find love and have a successful relationship with someone who is ten or twenty or more years older than yourself? That’s the weighty topic Ann Ollie looks at below.

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Finding Love With Someone Older
By Ann Ollie

For men and women alike, the issue of dating someone that is younger than them appears to be more and more common. Individuals are realizing that society doesn’t have the ability to manage their lives. While society frowns on many things that aren’t traditional and never standard, it is very common to see men or women dating someone who is some twenty years younger than them. Lots of people wonder if it’s feasible for relationships with significant age differences to sort out. Can they become long-term, possibly life-long relationships?

Here at mature ladies individuals are drawn to each other for endless numbers of reasons. Regardless of what this is caused by, it comes with an attraction. Genuine attraction to someone is not something that can be denied or challenged. This is true whether or not the person that you are drawn to is significantly younger than you. When there is an association between you, there’s just got to be a good reason for it. You should not attempt to deny that connection or avoid it, simply because society might think that you are wrong to be involved with someone who is younger than you.

Many people that are in their 40s or 50s look much younger than their chronological age. There are lots of people who are 50 something and still look like they are 30. They are also just as healthy and active like they were when they were in their 30s.

Advances in medical research and anti-ageing products have led individuals to sometimes appear much younger than they actually are. However, these women and men in many cases are a lot more mature, emotionally-speaking, then their younger counterparts. This seems to be a major attraction, specifically for younger women who are dating older men, it appears.

Since it has been proven that men mature at a slower rate then women, it only makes sense that ladies would look to men that are older to find that maturity and adult behaviour that they are searching for. Simultaneously, men are dating older women for the same or similar reasons. They want a woman who is both mature and who can direct them in life. They want someone that can put up with some immaturity and can still handle their lifestyle and behaviors.

So, can these relationships with significant age differences function successfully in the real world? Can they result in something both long-term and even life-long? The answer for me is a resounding “yes”. There are many couples which have been in intimate, long-term relationships for many years with their older or younger partner. Sometimes the relationship can have age gaps of as long as twenty years or possibly even more: several of the couples I’ve heard about are married and have families. So it can certainly work.

It is definitely very possible to have a lasting relationship with someone that is younger than you are. The very first thing before you embark on siuch a relationship would be to decide if you are able to handle what society says and thinks. If you can be happy to not care or to cope with what people are likely to say to you regarding your relationship, then you already are way out in front of the game. You can then focus all your time and effort into your relationship and making it the best that it may possibly be. As long as you enter into a relationship for the right reasons, it would be as if you are guaranteed the best chance at things working out for the best, for the two of you, that is.

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