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PenPals: Female or Male as Friends or Dating

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Penpals: Female/ Male – As Friends Or For Dating

As with all relationships, penpals, whether female or male, can alleviate the proplem of loneliness. So many people in the world suffer from loneliness — consider the line from the Beatles song “All the lonely people, where do they all come from?”

Pen pals then, online or offline, female or male, can be part of a solution to loneliness. The Internet is really just another communication medium, but one that enables you to find and make contact with people you do not yet know; people anywhere in the world can become your penpals.

Below we have a guest author’s article on loneliness that gives penpals as one possible solution:

Do You Want Immediate Help For Your Loneliness?
By Ramesh M.

Some people jump at the chance to do something about their loneliness as soon as they see the opportunity. However, you may not be that way. You might prefer to take considered action. That is O.K. Just as long as you take action.

Most of the actions you can take to overcome your loneliness involve actions on the internet. There have been considerable changes over the past ten years and now there is a large variety of opportunities to make friends over the web. In most cases, as long as you don’t give out your real name, home address and phone number, and don’t meet in person, it can be safer than the friendships you make in the physical world.

Here are a few methods:

Method 1: Find a pen pal by searching for the words “Pen Pal” in your favorite search engine. You will find a lot of websites that allow you to find pen pals of the kind that you would like to find. If you have trouble making friends in person, this is a good way to get started. Staying in touch with pen pals via email is much easier than using the postal service – no money is spent on postage. Search for the words “temporary emails” in a search engine and you can find a website that will show you how to set up temporary email addresses for yourself. Set up a new temporary email address for yourself and use that email address when searching for a penpal. When you are ready to search for another penpal, set up another temporary email address for yourself and use it to search for a pen pal. If, for some reason, you do not wish to continue communicating with a particular pen pal, you can control the incoming emails from that pen pal via your temporary email address, even deleting that temporary email address if necessary.

Method 2: Search for the words “Forums for lonely people” in your favorite search engine. Please check out each forum you find via this search as a guest before you join it. Always read the questions and answers others have posted and also the terms of service before joining the forum. Don’t join forums where members are rude or abusive toward each other or you dislike the attitude of some members. Always safeguard your private information when you join the forums. Once you find a forum to your liking, it can provide a valuable reprieve from loneliness. You can use temporary email addresses to join the forums of your choice. In fact, it is a good idea to use temporary email addresses whenever possible.

Penpals: female or male – article continued below:

Method 3: Join a chat program that provides audio and video interaction and is along the lines of kinda romantic or kinda flirting. A good website to get immediate help for your loneliness would be The interaction between members can be lighthearted but you have to know your boundaries, stay within them and never give out your private information. If someone insults you, use the incident to learn how to deal with such side effects of social interaction. There are chat programs that provide no audio and video capabilities that can also help relieve your loneliness. You would have to search for “chat programs for lonely people” in the search engine of your choice. Here too, you can use temporary email addresses at the chat programs of your choice.

It may be a good idea to safely practice your social skills by acquiring friends over the internet and then using those social skills to make friends in the real world.

Loneliness is the hidden taboo. Most people don’t like to talk about it or acknowledge it. When confronted with it their response is inadequate action. Therefore it is up to the lonely person to free himself or herself. However, most lonely people are very reluctant to take the actions needed to free themselves from loneliness. How to take such actions is the focus of

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