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Want To Know How To Make A Girl Like You? Read This!

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How To Make A Girl Like You Lots: Dating Advice For Men
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Just think how great your life would be if you knew exactly how to make a girl like you. The truth is it’s not so difficult and you can reach any woman you choose with the great moves outlined below.

Bring Your Inner Attraction

The first step to make a girl like you is to separate yourself from the hundreds of other guys around her, make yourself stand out from the admiring crowd. So it’s time to step things up. It’s now the time to dig deeper into your own distinct bag of tricks that will make her notice you and only you.

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Can you dance? Are you a magician? Can you tell jokes? Or can you keep an entertaining conversation going in a group? Maybe you can tap dance with two carrots up your nose? Only kidding about the tap dancing! But being a bit crazy sometimes works here. You just have to be creative in coming up with a strategy.

Next, Don’t Try Too Hard, Than Do Try Hard!

Women will be turned off if they can sense that you are trying a bit too hard. Make her think you are ambivalent, that you just don’t care that much. And when she thinks you don’t care, when she’s sure of it, then it is the time to care. This will perplex her and so trigger her curiosity. Hot and cold, you have to use both. Most guys do one or the other, you can do both.

Tickle Her with Humor

Make her laugh and you will master the most important way to make a girl like you. I know this sounds tough to teach, but bear with it. Wit and a good sense of humor are gained through learning self-confidence. Everyone really loves to laugh and when women are amused by you they can get really attracted to you.

You Dictate The Terms

Emotionally it is important to stay one level behind her and not jump ahead of things. This secures that the budding relationship keeps within your control rather than hers. Soon she will feel that she needs to see more of you. This is mainly because you are dictating the terms of the relationship.

So This is Really How to Make a Girl Like You

Bring some game to the situation, show but don’t show interest, then make her laugh. Finally you must always set the pace on your own terms. Carry out these powerful strategies and you have just sorted how to make a girl like you! Not so hard really, is it?

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Dating Tips for Men, How to Get a Girls Attention

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Next time you’re out, look around. Who attracts your attention? Now look at other people. Who are they attracted to? Getting a girl’s attention in a positive way paves the path for you to make a successful approach.

Inevitably, there are always certain people that attract most people’s attention. Why? What are they doing? What are their specific traits that get the girls attention?

Get a better look

Men go out in the same drab colors and clothes. A t-shirt, blue jeans and maybe a baseball hat. In a sea of average looking guys, you need to do better.

Try a cool haircut, bright sneakers, or dressing very uniquely. Find a style and wear it. White or beige khakis and a white short sleeve dress shirt in the summer is a great look. Try cowboy boots, cowboy hat, jewelry, or maybe a scarf.

Sprinkle in some alpha male traits

Talk louder, stand tall, and use eye contact more times than usual. Laugh out loud when you are joined by your buddies. Take control of situations like an alpha male. Women love this.

How to get a girls attention, Throw in some props

Do you have access to a puppy? Take the little guy for a walk where women might be. Maybe you or your best buddy have a cute kid. Take the little munchkin for an ice cream. Also, always have a pen on you so you can write humorous stuff on napkins to hot women.

Buy those funny glasses that magnify your eyes. Have your friends all wear them and pass them out to hot chicks!

How to get a girls attention

Make some changes and be different than the next guy. Get some self esteem and mix it up. Show yourself differently, sprinkle in some alpha male traits and maybe a prop or two. Now you know how to get a girls attention.

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