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How to Attract Women Tips

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How to Attract Women Tips

So, how do you make yourself more attractive to women? There are lots of ways to achieve this of course, but today we have an article from a guest author that looks at some simple but useful ways to attract women.

The author of today’s how to attract women tips article begins by making the point that female attraction is not logical, but based on feelings and emotions. Of course this is true of ALL attraction, whether male or female. Human attraction is illogical, period.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s today’s article on how to attract women. Body language plays a large part, as you will see.

Female Attraction Tips – 3 Tips to Make Yourself MORE Attractive to a Woman
By Chris Tyler

When you first start trying to figure out female attraction, most of your observations will probably make you start to question just what it is that attracts a woman. Really, you will start to wonder how you can make yourself more attractive to a woman. Well, there are some tricks that you can hide up your sleeve and make yourself a LOT more appealing to any female that you want.

Female attraction is going to confuse most guys at first BECAUSE it is not LOGICAL. A woman does not run through any kind of a mental checklist and then decide whether or not she is going to let herself become attracted to a man. All she really knows is that she just is.

Hang around some women some time, and you will see that many women end up falling for guys that they know they should not. And yet, it just seems to happen. So, don’t focus on making logical decisions to try and attract women. Learn how to make it just kind of happen instead.

Here are 3 female attraction tips to make yourself more attractive to a woman:

1. Create your own style and project that style when you are out looking to meet a woman.

One of the things that really gets women to notice you is when you *don’t* look like every single guy that is out there. Kind of like if you live in an area where everyone drives Hondas and you drive a Nissan, you immediately will get attention, and not get lost in the crowd. People tend to zone out other people when they all start to look the same. If you go into most clubs or bars, you will usually see that most of the guys all pretty much have the same style. Have your own, and you WILL get noticed.

2. Body language is something that you have to pay attention to.

Now, this goes both ways. You have to make sure that your body language gives off the kind of impression that you want women to have of you, and also, you want to look at what HER body language is saying to you. A lot of rejection that men get is because of both their body language giving out the wrong vibe, AND, them not knowing how to read a woman’s body language. You get a much better feel of how to approach a woman if you can read what her body language is giving away.

3. There has to be chemistry with a woman.

Ask any woman why they don’t want to date a guy that seems to be perfect for them, and they will mention that they just don’t FEEL that way about him. What a woman really means is that there is no chemistry there. To make a woman feel attraction, you have to know how to create chemistry with her, and you have to know how to make her feel like that chemistry is not something to ignore.

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Dating Confidence is Important

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Dating Confidence is Important!

Confidence with dating is clearly an important element in finding the right partner. While it may endearing to encounter someone who is shy, it is not such fun for the shy person, who no doubt strongly wishes he or she had more self confidence.

For this reason we present today an article by a guest author which outlines a simple method to improve your dating confidence, and in fact your self confidence in general. If you want to achieve self confidence with women or men then it is well worth setting aside a little time to try the simple technique outlined in the article below.

Become Your Own Mirror – Rebuild Your Confidence
By Joanna Lindenbaum

Let’s say Geena is your friend of many years. She is a smart, creative, go-getter and beautiful to top it off – a source of admiration for many. Yet still, she confides in you, whenever she lands a major success like getting published in a popular publication or being accepted into a competitive position, she has this creeping sense of being a fraud, as if she does not deserve it, brushing it all off with “oh, it’s really nothing.”

You can hardly believe it when she expresses feelings of insecurity to you despite her many positive qualities. When it comes to her own personal life goals and dreams, you are surprised that she expresses a deep lack of confidence in pursuing them.

Do you know anyone like this?

Even though Geena may seem like an extreme example, the truth is many women come to me for coaching because they notice that despite their past successes and their many amazing qualities, they just don’t have the confidence they need in order to move forward with their soul-centered projects and goals.

Like Geena, these women are very talented, intelligent and sensitive but, for some reason, they still harbor a deep-seated feeling of inadequacy. In other words, they lack confidence. Oftentimes they feel like they are frauds at their work and in their personal lives, and are somehow essentially unable to achieve, or undeserving of the type of job or lifestyle they truly desire.

How does this happen?

Women like Geena create “failure stories” about themselves and their abilities based on both external circumstances in their lives and what they perceive other people think of them. These failure stories become strongly activated when they hit challenges or disappointments in their life. For example: if a client happens to leave them, if they don’t land the job they really want, if their partner breaks up with them, if they gain five pounds, or, simply, if they don’t feel they are living up to the standards they have set for themselves.

When you lack confidence, it affects you in many ways. It can affect your decision making skills, the types of jobs you believe you deserve and then apply for, the salary you ask for, your relationships, and even how you treat your body.

When I work with women, we very often find that their lack of confidence stems from early life experiences where they were not given the proper feedback in order to objectively see themselves. Usually influential people like parents, teachers, older siblings and mentors serve as mirrors for us in our early years, they show us what we should think of ourselves.

Confidence issues can arise from having been told by an influential person that you were just not capable of, or allowed to do, certain things. Conversely, confidence issues can be produced by having been constantly fed positive, yet too general statements, like that you were simply “good at everything.”

When you are not given accurate mirrors and reflections to help you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, it becomes very difficult for you to assess yourself and thereby have confidence in your actual capabilities and talents. It is essential to have a strong objective sense of self in order for you to be happy and to have confidence in your ability to create a life that is aligned for you… and it is very possible to cultivate this sense of self, no matter what your previous experiences have been!

To help you with this mighty, yet rewarding, task, I would like to present you with an easy process that will help you begin to assess your own strengths and weaknesses.

1) Create a list of your strengths, talents, positive qualities, and “wins”: It is essential for you to get clear on what you are good at and what your gifts are. This list can include anything from “great at book-keeping” to “intuitive” to “great at communicating with others” to “extensive knowledge of X, Y, or Z” to “organizing a major conference with 500 attendees.”

2) Create a list of the areas in your life – inner or outer – that you sense you would like to improve: Getting clear on this is just as important as getting clear on your strengths because it allows you let go of your failure stories and focus on amping up the areas that you sense would really be beneficial to you. This list can include anything from “becoming more organized” to “strengthening my core muscles” to “becoming more informed about X, Y, or Z” to “expressing my anger appropriately.”

3) Create a list of your “weaker” areas that you are willing to accept: This is key. There is no single person that I know that is good and fully developed at EVERYTHING. It’s simply not possible. However, I find that quite often folks beat themselves up for not being good at everything, thus adding more evidence and strength to their failure story. Get clear on the things that you may not have a natural strength for, and that don’t really matter to you anyway. For example, I will most likely never be a super-star athlete, and that is ok with me. My health and care for my body are important to me, but excelling at team sports is not a priority in my life.

Once you create these lists, you will be able to objectively and powerfully assess yourself and your capabilities, providing you with an opportunity to let go of your failure story and create a new and real picture based on the sacred, incredible person that you are.

Joanna Lindenbaum, M.A., has 12 years of teaching and coaching experience. Her coaching invites women to think bigger, to embrace their power, to create more compelling and exciting goals for themselves, to become leaders, to connect to their intuition, to open their hearts, and to make it a practice of remembering how special and important they are. Her coaching philosophy centers on a deep respect for the inner wisdom that each woman holds inside of herself. By activating this inner wisdom, Joanna helps her clients achieve extraordinary success in business, career, and life. Sign up for Joanna’s complimentary “How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Obstacles to Success” at

Article Source:—Rebuild-Your-Confidence&id=4612256

All you have to do now is apply these techniques to dating and your relationships with others. By doing so you will improve your dating confidence and so avoid feelings of inadequacy.

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