Online Dating Safety Tips Advice

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Online Dating Safety Tips and Advice

Many people believe that online dating is inherently safer than traditional dating offline. This may or may not be true, depending upon the individual circumstances. One thing that the Internet does allow you is time to get to know someone and to check them out BEFORE you go on a date with him or her in the offline world.

Online dating safety tips relate specifically to the Internet because the Internet has its own specific set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to dating. However, many of the online dating safety tips can be applied beyond dating to other situations where you are interacting with people who you do not know online. So, it’s a useful topic to look at — and knowing the tips below could save you from a potentially dangerous situation.

There’s a whole lot of good advice on online dating safety over at Check out there article here: Online Dating Safety which gives basic safety information, while their page Safe Internet Dating Service looks at the debate about whether dating services should themselves carry out criminal background checks on all their members. Of course, a criminal background check will not catch someone carrying out a first offense, nevertheless it can be a useful tool and the page also has a link to a criminal background check service.

A different kind of online dating safety tip relates to a small but irkesome problem with many dating sites, the existence of dating scammers. These are people who join the service and look like real members but are actually online there to lead on genuine members and eventually to try to extract money from them. You can find about this and how to avoid it at Online Dating Scams to Watch Out For.

Other online dating tips resources worth mentioning include Online Dating Safety Tips for Free and for gay men there is Online Dating Safety Tips: Get to Know Him First.

7 Online Dating Safety Tips
By Salma Owais

Online dating is pretty different from conventional dating. Earlier people used to know each other; then got closer and then planned dating or through some common friends the date would be arranged which was quite simple and safe. But in recent days people find their partners online and get into the dating game. This sounds exiting but could be very dangerous. Here are some important safety tips for online dating which might help you to have a safe date.

  1. The first rule is that never chat with a stranger with the ID that shows your real name or identifies you as who you actually are, as you can not be sure that the other person is genuine or not.
  2. Never ever open up quickly, try to judge your net friends by their conversation and explore them before you meet. Repeat some questions which you have already asked them and think are they the same because if the answers are different then there would be a possibility of cheating. Don’t give your phone number until you are sure about that person; because anyone can easily find the address by knowing the land line number. So it’s better to give cell phone number or continue your conversation online till you are sure and you really want to meet that person.
  3. When you decide to meet, be very careful and cautious. Plan a date in a public place like a restaurant or a park where other people are around.
  4. Never accept the offer of getting picked up from home by your date. In fact it’s better if you reach there by a cab instead of your own car; if you are not sure that there will be a second date. Your car’s number plate could be a good source for finding out your personal information.
  5. Before leaving for the date tell one of your friends about your plan and the place you are going to. Do not change the venue unless you tell your friend. Make sure you sit and remain in a public place through out the first meeting.
  6. Do not leave your belongings unattended even for a second as you are not sure about the other person.
  7. Keep an eye on your drink and your date. Keep recalling the things which you had discussed online to confirm whether this is the same person you were chatting with. Prefer drinking soft drinks instead of alcohol as you shouldn’t lose self control. Be specific in conversation on a first date. On the way back again go by a cab if you are not sure about continuing the relationship. If you are satisfied then open up gradually.

Following these tips can guarantee you to have fun in a safe way. Remember, you can’t trust everyone!

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    November 26th, 2010 11:19 am

    Nice article, I agree with most of what you say. In the end it’s alwats better to be safe than sorry!!

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