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Dating After Divorce: Serious Advice

Dating after divorce is never going to be the easiest thing in the world to do, but if you are sensible about it and most of all think carefully about what you are doing and how it will affect other people then it need not be a minefield. There’s some good advice on dating after divorce over at; find it here: Dating after divorce advice.

Dating After Divorce – 3 Things You Must Tell Your New Partner
By Salma Owais

Divorce leaves a strong impact in one’s life no matter how strong the person is. The life becomes completely changed, as in a married life we are in the habit of sharing everything with the spouse. Shopping together, hanging out, watching movies, having parties, traveling together and of course sharing the bed. But after divorce some people feel lonely and get desperate to have some one in life to share things with. If you are one of them, please be patient and do not open your self so quickly but you must tell few things before you start the relationship.

  1. Never ever hide your previous relationship with your new partner because building trust is the first step in making a new relationship. Tell your new partner about your ex in a fair manner and the reasons of your broke up. But do not exaggerate to get your new friends sympathies as it might work early but it would put you in trouble later when you get closer. So be honest and tell the new friend the truth. If your new partner asks about the previous partner and you feel hesitant to discuss just tell little about them by showing that you don’t want to recall that trash and it was not a good experience.
  2. Show your feelings to your new partner in a nice way and tell how they have brought change in your life. Tell your new friend that what good thins you like about them and why they are special in your life. Express your feeling for them properly because everyone would like to hear good thins about him or her. So there is nothing wrong to be honest in expressing your true feelings for the other person and it would bring you closer to your new partner and develop a strong bonding in your relationship.
  3. Now if you have made up your mind to have relationship with that person then you must tell your new mate that what you want. How you want your life to be. Tell politely that you are not dominating but you want your right place as you have had a bitter experience already and you don’t want to take any more risk. This thing will help you to clear the picture of your new relationship and give you a confidence.

Now you are ready to start your new life with a clear mind and a positive attitude.

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